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Time to do a spring clean with your scrap metal

Spring is a great time to get out into the garden and get the garden ready for summer, and there is no better time than now to get rid of some of those old bit and pieces that have been

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Disposal of your broken air conditioning unit (HVAC)

Summer is here and as temperatures begin to rise across Melbourne more households than ever will be turning to their air conditioners to keep the heat at bay. To make sure your air conditioner is up to the job as

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There are many demands on your time – work, kids, exercise, relationships, not to mention actually taking time out to rest and relax! Balancing your day to day and getting on top of clutter around your home can be one

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How to get up to date scrap metal prices

Recycling or dealing scrap metal can be a earn you a decent profit if you know what you’re doing. How much money you make recycling your scrap metal depends on a wide variety of factors that includes the quality of

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Metal recycling, act local think global

At Southern Cross Metal Recyclers, metal recycling is our life so we thought we would share a few facts on why metal recycling is such an important thing to do. Scrap metal composes 17.5% of litter collected across Australia on

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Remove barbeque scrap metal

Summer is a great time to start barbequing again and there is no better time to get BBQ ready than now. Unfortunately lot of barbecues at the cheaper end of the market have chrome-plated steel grills and once the chrome

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Save money replacing your old metal roof

Replacing your roof can be one of the most important as well one of the most expensive costs in maintaining a house. Fortunately there is a fairly simple way of getting an idea how much it will cost and saving

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10 Refrigerator Troubleshooting Tips

Refrigerators are one of the most essential white goods around in your home and unfortunately from time to time they do have a tendency to break down, especially ones that have seen many good years of service. The following is

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Hard waste collection when you need it

We recently stumbled upon an interesting report commissioned by the City of Melbourne on how the council could better manage hard rubbish collections. The report reviewed the hard waste policies and services or a number of councils including City of

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Common metals around the home

Common metals around the home Identifying the types of metal in your household plumbing is relatively simple once you understand the basics. Depending on the age of the property the plumbing systems will have metal or plastic pipes, although it

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