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Common metals around the home

Common metals around the home Identifying the types of metal in your household plumbing is relatively simple once you understand the basics. Depending on the age of the property the plumbing systems will have metal or plastic pipes, although it

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Why your fridge is a potential environmental time bomb

Fridges are one of the most useful electrical appliances we have around our home. Few people could live without them but did you know your fridge is potentially a mini environmental time bomb? Prior to 1994 fridges contained a gas,

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Cash from scrap lying around your home

Now and then we all end up with some unwanted scrap in the backyard or around the house. Whether it’s an old or broken down washing machine, fridge, hot water system or leftovers from a home renovation, scrap is something

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Five step process to identify your scrap metal

The easiest way to see if an item can be recycled is generally by a quick inspection. If the item looks like metal, is heavy and has the characteristic tone of metal when tapped (think of the sound a bell makes) then

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