Cash from scrap lying around your home

Now and then we all end up with some unwanted scrap in the backyard or around the house.
Whether it’s an old or broken down washing machine, fridge, hot water system or leftovers from a
home renovation, scrap is something every household has to deal with. But did you know that old
scrap can actually be turned into cash?

Metal is a wonderful natural resource that can be recycled over and over again to create new
products and avoid unnecessary landfill. In fact, recycling metal can often be much more efficient
that mining and best of all, recycling metal can actually contribute to the household finances.

Some common metals that you can recycle around your home include cans. These are particularly
good as 100% of the steel and aluminium can be recycled into new products. In fact over two thirds
of the aluminium mined since the late 1800’s is still in use today.

Old appliances such as washing machines and fridges can contain over 60% steel and generally must
be disposed of in accordance with strict guidelines. At Scrap Metal Yard we take this responsibility
seriously and ensure appliances are safely de-gassed so that no harmful greenhouse gases are
released into the environment.

Construction materials and old plumbing are a rich source for recyclable metals. Steel framing,
aluminium window frames, copper and steel piping, metal roofs and gutters are all great examples
of metals that can be recycled when you’re renovating or building a new home.

So how do you turn your scrap into cash? Call us on 1300 SCRAAP or 1300 727 227 and we will make
sure your metal is disposed of efficiently and responsibly. Remember, we recycle metal from all over
the greater Melbourne area we offer great prices for your metal and can arrange pick-up of your scrap if required.

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