Hard waste collection when you need it

We recently stumbled upon an interesting report commissioned by the City of Melbourne on how the council could better manage hard rubbish collections. The report reviewed the hard waste policies and services or a number of councils including City of Port Phillip, City of Sydney, Randwick City Council, Region of Peel Community Recycling Centres and identified a number of problem areas with hard waste disposal practices today. Some of the key findings were:

  • Services differ substantially from council to council
  • Residents in areas where recycling is at a fixed time have to deal with their own recycling in between pick-up dates
  • Unsightly periods around waste pick-up dates

The solution… Make pick-ups on demand by providing resident with one free pick-up a year, Whilst we think that is a great solution for some, we at Southern Cross Metal Recyclers also recognise everyone has differing recycling needs and that is why we offer to pick up your scrap metal through-out the year. All you need to do is give us a call and arrange a time. We pick-up scrap metal from all parts of the greater Melbourne metropolitan area, if you are unsure if we pick-up from your location check out our pick-up locations here and don’t wait any longer to get your metal recycled now.

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