Industrial & Commercial Customers, Bins, Transport & Services

At Southern Cross Metal Recyclers it is our primary focus to supply the highest level of service to each one of our extensive industrial client base. It is our aim to service the specific requirements of each customer for all of their total scrap metal removal and recycling needs.

In some instances this will involve close liaison with our fabrication staff to manufacture, bins, ramps, trolleys, stillages, material cages and the alike to ensure that we can tailor to their specific requirements.

We can supply many types of bin options ranging from, hook bins, dyno bins, moral bins, 6*4 bins, 8*4 bins and the alike. Our transport logistics department can organize semi trailers flat tops, drop decks, high sided semi tippers, semi trailers with pipe racking, tray trucks, high sided tray tippers, tilt trays, crane trucks etc.

This company operates and is compliant with all aspects of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) scrap metal industry code of compliance. We will obtain your written permission and provide you with a “Receipt Created Tax Invoice” that will detail all aspects of the transaction with your company.

Our prompt payment service offers either electronic funds transfer (EFT) or by the traditional check method, whichever is more preferred by our customers. Payments will be prompt and will be mailed within the same week the material was removed from your premises. In the event of (EFT) payments, a hard copy of the transaction will be sent out detailing all aspects of the purchase.

We will guarantee our service and ensure that your total recycling requirements are met in a professional and ethical manner.