Aluminum Cans Recycling


This material will consist of used aluminum cans and will be free of all contaminates. It will not consist of any steel cans or the alike. Can be briquetted or bailed. We can supply purpose built aluminum can cages for recycling programs within the community. Visit our page “Can cages”

Southern Cross Metal Recyclers (Robuck Metals Pty Ltd) formally known as “South Yarra Metal Merchants” has been a scrap metal merchant and has operated a scrap metal recycling and scrap metal processing facility for more than 50 years. Within that time the company has encountered both geographical position changes together with a new management team that has carried it into the new millennium. This has involved ATO GST compliance and has seen this industry undergo many operational changes. Ensure that the company that you entrust your resources with for the purposes of recycling conforms to all aspects and requirements of this industry.