Zinc Recycling


Zinc is bluish-white metal. It is brittle and, at a temperature of 300 deg C., can be powdered up in a mortar. Between 100 deg C. and 150 deg C. the metal becomes malleable, and can be rolled into sheet and drawn into wire. Good quality zinc is capable of taking a high surface polish. In air, zinc slowly oxidises. When molten zinc solidifies it expands somewhat, thus giving perfectly sharp castings. Zinc is attacked by mineral acids, and when boiled with caustic soda or potash solution it dissolves.
Zinc forms a large number of alloys, the most important of which is brass. It is used enormously in the process of galvanising iron, which consists in coating iron with a film of zinc, the zinc preserving the iron from rusting and acting as a “Sacrificial metal”.
This material will consist of new and old zinc die castings. It will be free of all ferrous and other contaminates.