AMRIA Membership Means Responsible Metal Recycling

Southern Cross Metal Recycler’s is a member of the Australian Scrap Metal Recycling Industries Association (A.M.R.I.A.). We are committed to responsible metal recycling. This membership networks our organization with a full range of accredited companies within this industry sector both in the local and overseas markets. It also provides us with all the developments and innovations within our industry.


Responsible Metal Recycling

The Australian Metal Recycling Industries Association (Vic) statement of purpose is:

The Australian Metal Recycling Industries Association (Vic) (AMRIA Vic), formerly the Scrap Metal Dealers Association, was formed in 1993. AMRIA ensures both Government organisations and industry, that members of AMRIA are both Government accredited and licensed to operate within this service industry.

Individual companies that operate under the auspice of AMRIA are required to conduct their business in accordance with guidelines as specified by the AMRIA code of conduct. The code of conduct provides members of AMRIA with a framework for responsible business practices. This means Government organisations together with industry, ensure that a high level of honesty, integrity, professionalism and ethical conduct is required from any member of AMRIA.

AMRIA has successfully lobbied, and worked in unison with, Government agencies for the implementation of legislation and changes to the Second Hand Dealers’ Licensing Requirements.

The Australian Metal Recycling Industries Association worked with the Australian Taxation Office to help in the formation of the “Scrap Metal Industry Code of Conduct” This code has laid the future foundation for the direction and operational aspects of our industry. After close liaison between AMRIA and the ATO a workable model was agreed too. This has helped to reduce the incidence of rouge traders within our industry and has lifted the bar of expectations to acceptable business practices.

Safeguard your company’s assets by insisting that the company you choose to service your metal recycling requirements be accredited and affiliated with the Australian Metal Recycling Industries Association (Vic).