Scrap Metal Services

At Southern Cross Metal Recyclers it is our primary focus to supply the highest level of scrap metal services to each one of our domestic, commercial and industrial customers. It is our aim to service the specific requirements of each customer for all of their total scrap metal removal and recycling needs.

Domestic Customers

We provide a handy pick-up and drop off services for all of our domestic customers. We specialise in removal of your whitegoods, old appliances, fridges, freezers, aluminium windows, old metal roofing and that is only the start. So if you have scrap that you want to get rid of, call us now to arrange a pickup and don’t forget to check out our scrap metal price calculator to see how much you can get for your scrap metal.

Commercial and Industrial Customers

For some of our commercial customers this will involve close liaison with our fabrication staff to manufacture, bins, ramps, trolleys, stillages, material cages and the alike to ensure that we can tailor to their specific requirements.

We can supply many types of bin options ranging from, hook bins, dyno bins, moral bins, 6*4 bins, 8*4 bins and the alike. Our transport logistics department can organize semi trailers flat tops, drop decks, high sided semi tippers, semi trailers with pipe racking, tray trucks, high sided tray tippers, tilt trays, crane trucks etc.

This company operates and is compliant with all aspects of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) scrap metal industry code of compliance. We will obtain your written permission and provide you with a “Receipt Created Tax Invoice” that will detail all aspects of the transaction with your company.

Our prompt payment service offers either electronic funds transfer (EFT) or by the traditional check method, whichever is more preferred by our customers. Payments will be prompt and will be mailed within the same week the material was removed from your premises. In the event of (EFT) payments, a hard copy of the transaction will be sent out detailing all aspects of the purchase.

We will guarantee our service and ensure that your total recycling requirements are met in a professional and ethical manner.


Recycling Services

At Southern Cross Metal Recycler’s, our scrap metal recycling center and scrap metal transfer facility offers a wide range of scrap metal recycling resources within this industry to commercial, domestic and other customers interested in recycling and recycling programs. This includes competitive scrap metal recycling prices for all precious metals.

Full Services List

Scrap Metal Services A

Abattoir Machinery & Equipment Recycling Service
After Hours Scrap Metal Drop Off Facility
Agricultural Machinery & Equipment Recycling Service
Air Compressors & Equipment Recycling Service
Air Conditioners Recycling
Aircraft Maintenance Industry Equipment & Recycling Service
Air Purification Equipment Recycling
Aluminium Cladding Recycling
Aluminium Prices
Aluminium Roofing Sheets Recycling
Amusement Machines Recycling Service
Appliance Recycling
ATM’s & Bank Equipment Recycling Service
Autoclave Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Auto Electrical Parts Recycling Service
Automotive Service Industry Recycling
Australian Metal Recycling Industry Association – AMRIA
Automotive Exhaust & Muffler Recycling
Automotive Panels & Car Parts Recycling
Automotive Wheel Rim Recycling
Auto Parts & Wreckers Recycling Service

Scrap Metal Services B

Bakery Equipment & Associated Machinery Removal & Recycling Service
Ballasts Recycling Service
Balustrading, lacework & Wrought Iron Removal & Recycling Service
Bearings & Bushings Removal & Recycling Service
Beverage Industry Equipment Recycling
Boat Builders, Repairers & Marine Engineers Recycling Service
Boilers Manufactures & Hot Water Units Recycling Service
Bollards Recycling Services
Brake & Clutch Industry Recycling
Brass Prices
Bridge Building Recycling Service
Building Maintenance, Commercial & Home Material Removal & Recycling Service
Building Site & Construction Industry Clearances – Material Recycling

Scrap Metal Services C

Cable Recycling
Car Automatic Transmission Recycling Service
Car Bodies Recycling
Car Engine Recycling Service
Car Parts & Panels Recycling Service
Car Removal Melbourne
Cast Iron Recycling
Catering Equipment Recycling
Certificate of Destruction
Chemical Bulk Containers Recycling
Chemical Processing Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Clothes Pressing & Manufacturing Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Colorbond Steel Roofing Sheets Recycling
Commercial Laundry Equipment Recycling
Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Recycling
Computer Cable Recycling Service
Computers Recycling
Concrete Reinforcements Recycling
Conveyors & Elevating Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Cooking Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Cooling Systems & Ventilation Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Cooling Towers & Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Cool Rooms Removal & Recycling Service
Copper Prices
Copper Recycling
Copying & Duplication Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Cyclone Wire & Steel Fencing Recycling

Scrap Metal Services D

Dairy Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Deceased Estate Clean Outs Removal & Recycling
Degassing, Decommissioning, Airconditioners, Refrigerators, Fridges & Freezers
Dental Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Department Store Recycling
Dishwashing Machines Removal & Recycling Service
Display & Exhibition Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Disposals Of Plant & Equipment
Domestic Appliances Removal & Recycling Service
Door & Gate Operating Systems Recycling Service
Drum Recycling
Dry Cleaning Equipment Removal & Recycling Service

Scrap Metal Services E

Electrical Appliances Removal & Recycling Service
Electrical Switchboards & Control Equipment Recycling Service
Electrical Trades Industry Recycling
Electric Motor Rewinds Recycling Service
Electric Powerline Recycling
Electronics Recycling
Electroplating Equipment Recycling
Engineering Workshop Recycling Service
Environmental Policy
Equipment Destruction Certification & Recycling
Exercise Equipment Removal & Recycling Service

Scrap Metal Services F

Fabrication Industry Recycling Service
Fans, Blowers & Ventilation Industry Recycling Service
Farm Clearances – Material Cleanouts Recycling
Fencing Contractors Recycling Service
Filing Cabinet & Equipment Recycling
Film Production Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Fire Services Extinguishers & Equipment Recycling Service
Fluorescent Lights Recycling Service
Folding Machines & Equipment Recycling
Food Industry Equipment Recycling
Food Processing, Canning & Packing Machinery Removal & Recycling Service
Footwear Machinery & Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Forklift Machinery & Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Fridges, Refrigerators & Freezer Buy Back Program
Fridges Removal & Recycling 
Fundraising Recycling Programs
Furniture Removal Recycling

Scrap Metal Services G

Galvanized Steel Recycling
Gaming Machines & Casino Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Garage Clean Outs, Junk Removal & Recycling Service
Gas Appliances & Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Generators, Generator Sets, Machinery & Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Government Equipment Recycling
Granulator Machines & Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Grinding & Pulverising Machinery Removal & Recycling Service
Gym Equipment Removal & Recycling Service

Scrap Metal Services H

Hard Rubbish Recycling
Heaters Recycling
Heat Exchanges & Equipment Recycling Service
Hoisting & Rigging Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Hospital Bed Recycling
Hospitality Industry Recycling Service
Hospital Medical Equipment Recycling
Hot Water Services Recycling
Hydraulic Machinery & Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Hydronic Heating Equipment Removal & Recycling Service

Scrap Metal Services I

Induction Heating Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Information on Recycling
Injection Moulding Dies & Machinery Removal & Recycling Service
Instrument Cases Recycling

Scrap Metal Services J

Junk Car Removal & Auto Car Recycling

Scrap Metal Services K

Knitting Machines Removal & Recycling

Scrap Metal Services L

Laser Cutting Machine Scrap Recycling
Laboratory Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Laundry Equipment Recycling
Lawn Mowing Machinery & Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Lead Prices
Lift Trucks Removal & Recycling Service
Locks, Locksmiths, Keys & Associated Equipment Recycling Service

Scrap Metal Services M

Maintenance Engineers Instillation Servicing Recycling
Marine Equipment Recycling Service
Material Assets Security Cage
Material Handling Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Mesh, Expanded Metal & Concrete Reinforcements Recycling Service
Metal Building Recycling
Metal Rolling, Forming & Stamping Recycling
Mining Equipment Recycling Service
Motor Accessories Recycling
Motor Body Builders, Panel Beaters & Repairers Recycling Service
Motor Cycle Packing Crate Recycling
Motor Cycle Parts Recycling
Motor Mower Recycling Service

Scrap Metal Services N

Neon Signs Recycling
Non Ferrous Prices

Scrap Metal Services O

Office & Business Equipment Removal & Recycling Service

Scrap Metal Services P

Pallet Racking & Shelving Recycling
Paper Cutting Machines Recycling
Paper Making & Converting Machinery Removal & Recycling
Parking Meters Recycling
Petrol Pumps & Equipment Recycling
Photocopiers Recycling
Photographic Processing Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Plumbing Trades Industry Recycling
Pneumatic Machinery & Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Poker Machines Recycling
Printing Industry Machines Recycling
Property Clearances & Cleanouts Recycling

Scrap Metal Services Q

Quarrying Machinery Removal & Recycling

Scrap Metal Services R

Radio & Data Communications Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Railway Line Recycling
Railway Rolling Stock Removal & Recycling Service
Real Estate Agents Recycling Resources Services
Recycling Equipment
Refrigeration Equipment Recycling
Repetition Engineers Recycling Service
Road Building Machinery Removal & Recycling Service
Road Construction Recycling Service
Roller Door & Roller Shutters Recycling
Roof Construction Recycling Service
Roofing Iron & Guttering Recycling
Rural Properties Clearances – Material Removal & Recycling

Scrap Metal Services S

Scaffolding Material Recycling
School Locker Recycling
Scrap Metal General Recycling Services
Scrap Metal Security Surveillance System
Scrap Metal Transport Logistics
Scrap Steel Recycling
Screening & Grading Equipment Recycling
Sewing Machines Recycling
Sheet Metal Recycling
Shelving Systems & Equipment Recycling
Shopping Trolley Recycling
Shop Fittings Metal Recycling
Shredding Machines Recycling
Shutdowns – Plant & Equipment – Machinery Removal & Recycling Service
Site Clearances – Material Cleanouts Recycling
Slot Machines Recycling
Solariums & Solarium Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
Stainless Steel Prices
Steel Building Recycling
Steel Drum Recycling
Steel Fabrication Industry Recycling
Steel Furniture Removal Recycling
Steel Pipes Recycling
Steel Plate Recycling
Steel Prices
Steel Recycling
Steel: RHS, Flat & Round Bar Stock Recycling
Steel Sheet Piles Recycling
Steel Stamping’s & Punching Machine Scrap Recycling
Storage Equipment Recycling
Surplus Stock & Materials Recycling

Scrap Metal Services T

Telecommunications Equipment Recycling
Telephones Systems & Equipment Recycling
Textile Industry Machines Removal & Recycling
Theatrical Props Manufactures Recycling
Trailer & Tractor Parts Recycling
Tramway Rolling Stock Removal & Recycling Service
Transfer Stations, Tips & Dump Sites Recycling
Transformer Recycling
Truck Parts Recycling

Scrap Metal Services U

Ultratune Stores Recycling Service.

Scrap Metal Services V

Vacuum Equipment Recycling
Vending Machines Recycling

Scrap Metal Services W

Washing Machine Recycling
Waste Management, Land Fill Sites Recycling
Water Treatment Equipment Removal & Recycling Service
White Goods Recycling
Windows, Aluminium & Steel Recycling Service
Wrought Iron Manufactures & Blacksmiths Recycling Service

Scrap Metal Services X

X-Ray Equipment Removal & Recycling Service

Scrap Metal Services Y

Yarn Manufacturing Machinery Removal & Recycling

Scrap Metal Services Z

Zinc & Galvanizing Plating Recycling Service.