Factories & Sites Cleared, Shut Down, Scrap Metal Removal

We have developed the necessary expertise and infrastructure to clear out large commercial factory scrap metal, buildings and work sites. We can maximize your return and off set your costs by providing you with an efficient and responsible factory scrap metal recycling operation.

Unwanted Materials Left By Prevous Tennants Landlords Problems Clear Span Factory Ready To Be Re – Leased
Machinery Removal Machinery Removal Machinery Removal

As scrap metal recyclers we can supply a wide range of facilities for clearing large commercial factories, shut downs, site closures and the alike. We have a full range of services available to facilitate this activity in a cost effective and economical manner. We can supply a complete service including using our machinery, removal & relocation division if required. Our services would include the supplying all the necessary cranes, forklifts, machinery skates and any other appropriate lifting equipment to conduct this activity in a safe manner for your factory scrap metal clean out.

We will provide a full range of transport options including:

- Low Loaders
- Semi Trailers
- Flat Top Tray Trucks
- High Side Semi and Tray Trucks
- etc

We can supply a full range of bins for steel and metallic items together with bins for rubbish and the alike. We can also supply excavators for larger operations and we can supply all these services any where in the greater Melbourne metropolitan area.

For a professional, prompt and cost effective service, contact us and we will organize one of our experienced team members to guide you through this process.