Fridge Freezer Recycling for Homes and Commercial Customers

fridge freezer recyclingWe offer a comprehensive Fridge Freezer Recycling program for domestic and commercial customers.

Southern Cross Metal Recycler’s have developed the necessary Environment Protection Agency (EPA) approved techniques to carry out degassing, decommissioning and recycling of the following items:

Airconditioners (commercial & domestic)
Commercial & domestic freezers
- Commercial refrigerators
Domestic refrigerators

Southern Cross Metal Recycler’s is an accredited and environmentally conscious metal recycler with a particular attention paid to green house gas abatement. Did you know that the environmental green house impact for every refrigerator or freezer that is illegally degassed equals the same effect as running your car for a 6 month period. Climate change is effecting us all with these ozone depleting gases compounding global warming and other associated problems. Strict laws are in now in place with substantial fines for being applied to individuals, companies and organizations that recklessly create environmental damage from non compliance to these procedures.

Refrigerator / Freezer / Degassing & Decommissioning Program

fridge freezer recycling degassingOur professional services are now being utilized by many stores and retail groups in Melbourne including:

- The Good Guys Stores
- Camberwell Electrics
- E&S Trading

Many of these stores and groups now utilize our unique security cage system protecting their investment and providing them with a safe guard against theft and all occupational health and safety concerns.

fridge freezer recycling programWe are receiving many inquiries from other individual stores and groups who are all becoming aware of our activities and the associated environmental benefits derived from this program.

Call us so we can help you dispose of these items in an approved and responsible manner. We can either degas these items on site utilizing our autonomous fully equipped mobile decommissioning van with minimal interruption to your business activities, or alternately we can transport these items to our facility at 75 Dohertys Road, Laverton North to complete the process.

Help us to reduce green house gas emissions and global warming, don’t get caught allowing unlicensed operators to remove these items. At Southern Cross Metal Recycler’s we offer a complete solution to the disposal, decommissioning, degassing, destruction and responsible recycling of these items. Our approved recycling practices enables all the ozone depleting green house gases to be removed and recycled at an approved gas recycling agency.

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