Environmental Policy

It is our primary purpose and mission to safeguard the character and beauty of the Australian landscape through the prevention of materials suitable for recycling ending up as landfill or general litter. Our aim is to encourage the reuse of our nation’s resources by recycling as much of our manufactured items as economically and practically possible. We aim to develop and maintain an effective public awareness and to encourage Australian’s to care for the environment through responsibly recycling our resources. Our commitment to green house gas emission reductions is paralleled by our industry leading practices incorporating the degassing of airconditioner’s and refrigeration equipment prior to recycling.

Global warming is one of our planets greatest challenges as we forge forward into the new millennium. At Southern Cross Metal Recyclers our focus and commitment is in finding and implementing practical solutions wherever possible within the metal recycling spectrum. To develop working parties strategies and synergies incorporating, Government, retail and industry. Our clients can be assured that every effort is made to avoid the over use of scarce resources and that a cleaner environment can be sustained by ensuring that we participate in responsible recycling programs.