Scrap Car Removal and Car Compaction Services

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Due to the increase of scrap metal theft and in particular motor vehicles being stolen and sold for scrap metal. We help solve this problem by providing scrap car removal services. The Business Licensing Authority together with the Victorian Police are now enforcing the tough new laws where any person or company that is buying and selling car bodies for scrap metal purposes must be a registered“Licensed Motor Car Trader (L.M.C.T)” Penalties for non compliance are fines of $11,020 per car purchased and sold for scrap metal recycling by unregistered operators. At Southern Cross Metal Recycler’s, we are a registered L.M.C.T (No 10524W) and licensed to buy and sell motor vehicles for scrap metal purposes. Ensure the company that you engage for vehicle scrap metal recycling conforms to all aspects of the legislative requirements. We are therefore registered to offer a range of convenient and effective scap car removal and car compaction services. Alternately we accept junk cars bodies or out of date vehicles delivered to our premises for recycling provided these do not contain an LPG gas tank. We will ensure that these car bodies and out of date vehicles are recycled in a professional and responsible manner. So for all car removal enquiries please call our office to service your requirements.

Mobile Car Compactors

If car compactors and car compaction equipment is what you are after our purpose built semi trailer mounted apparatus can be moved to any location to remove large volumes of scrap cars, junk cars and other scrap car bodies in a very efficient and cost effective operation. This can be made available for the wrecking industry, farm properties or any location with large volumes of scrap motor vehicles to recycled.