Scrap Metal Drop Off

Secure council Approved After Hours Scrap Metal Drop Off Facility

At Southern Cross Metal Recyclers, we aim to provide the most appropriate and convenient range of recycling options available to all members of the public and the commercial sector. This includes our latest innovation – an after hours scrap metal drop off area located at Dohertys Road, Laverton.

75 Dohertys Road, Laverton North, VIC 3026

Opposite Hume Road intersection with Dohertys Road, Laverton North

This facility, measuring 4 meters * 4 meters has full council approval, after hours lighting and a double driveway entrance. This after hours scrap metal recycling area is provided in a convenient location for a full range of scrap metal components suitable for recycling. These would include: white goods, hard rubbish, car parts, panels, hot water services, heaters, roofing, sheds, cladding, copper, taps, metal tiles, gates, wire, metal fencing, garage doors, cars, steel grills, aluminium windows, tools, engines, drums, steel furniture, tables, filing cabinets, photo copiers, computers, fax machines, clothes driers, washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerator units, freezers, heaters, ducting, guttering, down pipes, pots & pans, utensils and the alike.

For security reasons this facility has a scrap metal security surveillance systemincorporating a motion activated externally monitored closed circuit television system to ensure that illegal materials are not dumped and that the scrap metal is not stolen by rou

ge traders. Persons caught perpetrating theft or illegal dumping are reported to the authorities.

Alternatively we can supply transport and personnel to provide professional and timely service to remove these items from the commercial and private sectors. We will ensure that all these materials are recycled in a responsible manner thus protecting our natural resources. Southern Cross Metal Recyclers is committed to protecting our environment through responsible recycling practices.

Scrap Metal Security Surveillance System

Because of the ever increasing incident’s of scrap metal theft and police intervention, we have installed over 22 motion activated camera’s recording onto a digital video recorder with full remote access capabilities using the internet. Our scrap metal purchase methodology involves: Having specific camera’s over the scales and weighing platforms, this enables us to record each scrap metal commodity purchased. Other camera’s are focussed on the vendor completing the documentation and receiving payments for every transaction. Purchase documentation references the time and date of the purchase for a full cross reference and identification if required. This helps to curb the incidence of scrap metal theft and to identify any items or individual’s of concern to the authorities.

We also employ this system outside our premise’s to help identify thieves removing scrap metal or other individuals dropping off prohibited items such as: gas bottles, rubbish and other non metallic items.