White Goods Recycling

Airconditioners, Freezers, Fridge’s & Refrigerators Degassed & Decommissioned – Washes, Stoves, Heaters Removal & Recycling

white goods recyclingOur scrap metal recycling operation includes a full range of approved responsible recycling practices within this service sector. Southern Cross Metal Recycler’s is committed to reducing green house gases and their impact on climate change. We have gained a vast amount of experience in the developing Government approved and endorsed recycling practices. These include accreditation with the Essential Services Commission ensuring all green house depleting gases are legally removed and recycled appropriately. This involves the degassing, decommissioning & destruction of refrigerators & freezers. We offer this quality approved service to, local councils, tips, householders, commercial businesses, repairer’s and all retailers of white goods and associated materials. With our specialized fleet of purpose built trucks, and our detailed approach to this activity, we can service the removal of all unwanted white goods and appliances. These cutting edge processes operate in accordance with EPA requirements maximizing our effectiveness in responsible environmental recycling solutions.

These would include:

- Air conditioners
- Clothes driers
- Commercial refrigeration equipment
- Commercial washers & driers
- Dishwashers
- Domestic fridge’s
- Gas appliances
- Heaters
- Microwaves
- Stoves, both gas & electric
- Washing machines etc

Our trucks can carry and transport up to 40 units at a time and will pick up from anywhere in the greater Melbourne metropolitan area. All trucks are fitted with hydraulic tailgate loading systems and the operators require no assistance during this activity. Our scrap metal recycling company has pioneered a unique value added service for this sector by providing retailers and repairer’s with our newly developed white goods and material security cage. This security cage instillation becomes the key component in an income generating synergy. It has revolutionized the way retailers and other associated companies treat these unwanted items. This unique security cage system overcomes all concerns from security, vandal’s, theft, OH & S, general site presentation and the alike. The service that we provide is prompt, reliable and professional as we have specialized our expertise to this business sector. (Charges may apply)