Remove barbeque scrap metal

Summer is a great time to start barbequing again and there is no better time to get BBQ ready than now.
Unfortunately lot of barbecues at the cheaper end of the market have chrome-plated steel grills and once the chrome gets scratched or otherwise damaged, the exposed steel then rusts very quickly. You might get all the rust off now but there is a good chance that the rust will creep back. If it’s a cast iron grill then you should be able to de-rust it, the Burke’s backyard site has some great tips on how you can fix your grill for before your next cook up.
As for the base or body of your bbq, it depends on where of the hole is and the size. it’s a kettle/barrel type bbq, you could strip it right back to bare metal and paint it with a heat-proof metal paint. This will minimize further rusting further however sanding back metal and ensuring all the rust is removed/converted and covered to prevent further rusting is a big job and you will need a to set aside a reasonable amount of time to do it.
If you don’t think it’s worth the effort to save this one look for a better quality grill. Stainless steel is always a great alternative but it can be a bit more expensive. A more cost effective option is to buy a well constructed enamel or cast iron model and protect it better in the first place, and don’t leave bbqs outside and uncovered in wet/moist weather.
If you bbq has seen the end of its grilling days and you have decided to upgrade then let us help you easily dispose of your old one. At Southern Cross Metal Recyclers our pick up service can conveniently collect you scrap bbq and you can rest assured that all of the metal will be responsibly recycled the highest of standards. So give us a call today if you have old bbq’s gas bottles, or any other metals around your home you need to get rid of.

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