Save money replacing your old metal roof

Replacing your roof can be one of the most important as well one of the most expensive costs in maintaining a house. Fortunately there is a fairly simple way of getting an idea how much it will cost and saving a few dollars along the way.

  1. Calculate the approximate roof area of your home by measuring the length and width of your home. For example, a house that measures 10m by 20m will have a footprint of approximately 200 square meters.
  2. Multiply with the foot print by 1.5 to approximate the area of your roofs surface. In our example 200 by 1.5 gives 300 meters square of roof area.
  3. Typically installers in Australia will charge anywhere from $80 to $120 per square meter to install a new roof. Based on a average this would result in an approximate cost of $30,000 for the house in our example.

In addition to the cost of replacing your roof you will also need to budget for removal of unwanted material. As council hard waste collection services do not cover renovation materials most people opt for on site bins that can cost in excess of $500. Southern Cross Metal Recyclers can help you reduce this cost significantly, or even avoid it altogether by arranging a free pick-up for your old metal roof pieces. Simply place your scrap metal in a spot that is accessible at the front of your property and call one of our team to arrange a free pick-up. So keep more money in your back pocket call Southern Cross Metal Recyclers now.

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