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Aluminium is a bluish-white metal capable of taking a high polish. Exposed to air, it becomes covered with a fine film of oxide. By suitable electro-chemical treatment it is called "anodized" or coated with an artificially-produced film of aluminium oxide, A1203, of great tenacity and fineness. This film may then be dried, thus imparting a colored surface to the metal. Aluminium is fairly ductile and malleable, particularly about 100 deg C. At 530 deg C. the metal becomes so brittle that it can be powdered. When ignited at high temperatures it burns brilliantly, an extremely high temperature being attained. Upon this fact is based the principal of "Thermite" welding. The metal is electrically positive. It dissolves in many acids and also in solutions of caustic soda and potash. Aluminium forms a large series of alloys with other metals.

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