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Chrome Steel

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Chrome Steel

Chromium, when alloyed with steel, acts especially as a hardening agent. Hence chromium or chrome steels are characterized by their very great hardness. Indeed, steel containing about 1% of carbon and from 2.5 to 4% of chromium is so hard that its cannot be worked with ordinary hardened steel tools. it is, therefore, more or less perfectly drill proof.
Combined with nickel or vanadium, chromium steel gives the strongest and the best wearing of the commercial steels, chrome-nickel and chrome-vanadium steels being tough, yet machineable. Hence such steels are used for gears and for the crankshafts of internal combustion engines and for other engineering components which are continuously subjected to heavy service.
Simple chrome steels are used whenever extreme hardness (without machineability) is required. Thus high-quality files are made from chrome-steel containing about 1.3% of carbon and .5% of chromium. Chromium steels are also used for bearing balls and races, and for projectiles and shells.
Steels containing more than 12% of chromium are highly resistant to corrosion. they constitute the description of "Stainless Steels."

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