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Chromium is a steel-grey metal having a pronounced bluish cast, particularly when plated. It is very hard and somewhat brittle. Unacted upon by air at ordinary temperatures. Soluble in mineral acids excepts nitric acid, in which liquid it assumes the so-called "passive" or inert condition. As a plating metal, chromium is now universally employed and has practically superseded nickel. Chromium is of great technical importance in metallurgy on account of it hardening effect on steel. Steel containing from 2.5 to 4% of chromium is so hard as to be drill proof. The various alloy of chromium and steel are not only hard but also chemically resistant, as, for example, the now well known stainless and "chemical" steels.
In the pure metallic state chromium has no uses, it being too hard, brittle and difficult to work.

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