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Copper is one of the oldest known of metals, its use dating from prehistoric times. In alchemical terms, the metal was symbolized by the planet Venus.
Copper is a lustrous red-brown metal. It is extremely tough and can be hammered into a thin leaf. It is very ductile also. When heated to near its melting point, the metal becomes so brittle that it can be powdered. Molten copper is dark sea-green in color. The vapor of boiling copper is also green. Copper is fairly resistant to atmospheric corrosion and oxidation. Owing to the fact that, next to silver, it is the most electrically conductive of all metals, it is used enormously in the worlds electrical industries. Copper for electrical purposes must be almost pure, since small traces of impurities seriously interfere with its conductivity. As a casting metal, as an ingredient of brass and many other non-ferrous alloys, copper is much used. Molten copper expands on solidifying.
Next to iron, copper is, perhaps, the most generally useful of all metals.

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