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Thallium is a soft metal, very much resembling lead in physical properties. It is readily cut with a knife, and it marks paper when drawn across it. When a strip of zinc is placed in a solution of thallium sulphate, metallic thallium is deposited as a spongy mass. On exposure to air, the metal turns black, owing to the formation of black thallium oxide. The metal is soluble in dilute acids. It may be highly polished by rubbing under. Thallium metal is very malleable and films of it of 1/15,000th inch thickness have been obtained. Thallium can be squeezed but not drawn into wire, and pieces of the metal can be welded together by pressure at ordinary temperatures.
Thallium readily alloys with metals such as antimony, bismuth, lead, cadmium and tin: also with harder metals such as aluminium, copper and magnesium. It forms amalgams with mercury.

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