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Tin is a white, lustrous metal, having a faint blue tinge. The metal is not easily tarnished on exposure to air. The metal is harder than lead, but softer than zinc. It is very malleable, and can be beaten into foil-tinfoil. It is also very ductile. At a temperature 200 deg C. tin becomes so brittle that it can be ground into a fine powder. If a thin bar of tin be bent, it emits a cracking noise, known as the "tin cry." When cooled to a low temperature, tin crumbles into a powder - "gray tin," a fact which accounts for the so called "disease" of tin. Tin can be obtained in crystalline form by melting a quantity of the metal and by pouring out the still liquid portion of the metal after the mass has been allowed partially to solidity. If a quantity of warm, dilute aqua regia (mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids) be wiped over a piece of tin, it will take upon itself a surface crystalline structure. Tin is a highly important metal. It is used in tinning iron, and also in the preparation of numerous alloys, such as pewter, solder, etc.

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