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Fridge's, Refrigerators & Freezer Decommissioning & Degassing Program - Melbourne

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Fridge's, Refrigerators & Freezer Decommissioning & Degassing Program - Melbourne

Are you concerned about global warming and green house gas emissions? If so at Southern Cross Metal Recycler's you can now bring in your domestic fridge or freezer in for degassing & decommissioning. Have you got an old out dated fridge or freezer running up your power bill? These inefficient items account for a large part of your energy consumption. Lets be environmentally conscious and remove these items from the power grid and have them responsibly recycled. At Southern Cross Metal Recycler's we have developed the appropriate quality assured processes that include degassing & decommissioning of refrigerators & freezers. Protect our environment from harmful ozone depleting gases and ensure that these items are recycled and disposed of legally and responsibly.
If you bring us your old fridge's and freezers we will degas and decommission these items to protect the environment. These items can be dropped off at our premises at 120 Maddox Road Williamstown.

Alternately we can arrange for these items to be picked up free of charge anywhere in the greater Melbourne metropolitan area. Please call our office on 9397 4358 to make the necessary arrangements.

120 Maddox Rd. Williamstown, VIC 3016
Tel: (03) 9397-4358

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