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Paper Making & Converting Machinery Removal & Recycling

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Paper Making & Converting Machinery Removal & Recycling

Southern Cross Metal Recyclers removes and recycles all machinery and associated equipment as used in the paper making industry. This could range from large rolling mills, conveyers, pulverising machines, hoppers and the alike. We supply a full turnkey process involving our machinery removal, cutting and disassembly division to ensure that this activity is conducted in an economical and responsible manner. All this type of associated equipment and supporting infrastructure is manufactured from both ferrous (steel) and non ferrous materials ideal for shredding and recycling. We can supply a full range of transport / bin options to ensure that these items are removed economically. Wherever required we will provide destruction documentation providing assurance that these items will not be re sold to a competitor or the alike.

120 Maddox Rd. Williamstown, VIC 3016
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