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Scrap Metal General Recycling Services

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Scrap Metal General Recycling Services

Southern Cross Metal Recyclers has operated a scrap metal recycling and scrap metal processing facility for more than 50 years. Within this time we have gained a vast amount of experience together with the necessary infrastructure to supply a wide range of services to these activities. Our scrap metal recycling services include a wide range of operations available for the commercial and domestic sectors.

Commercial Sector

In dealing with the commercial business sector we have developed many turn key processes involving a full range of bins (including a made to order facility)
to maximize our services. These valued customers specific service requirements are provided for in a professional and efficient manner.
We have a full turn key process offering a machinery removal and relocation expertise , factory clean outs together with a total shut down capability.

Our scrap metal transport logistics provide the most appropriate transport combinations. These are supplied to maximize our ability to service all our customer requests.
Our position as an accredited scrap metal recycler gives us the ability to offer competitive scrap metal prices to our valued clients. We can offer timely updates as required. We service the retail sectors offering a wide range of turn key services including an income generation system for white goods, heaters, driers, refrigerator units, microwaves , hot water services and the alike. We supply a professional service to the plumbing industry including a professional and reliable roofing iron removal and recycling service.

Domestic Sector

We supply a full range of services to the domestic sector to remove and recycle a wide range of domestic products ensuring that these items are not destined to end up as landfill. We will supply a professional service to ensure that residents, landlords and agents can have properties cleared of metallic items and remove the need of rubbish bins and awaiting council hard rubbish drives.

We will remove car parts, panels, hot water services, heaters, roofing, sheds, cladding, copper, taps, metal tiles, gates, wire, metal fencing, garage doors, cars, steel grills, aluminium windows, tools, engines, drums, steel furniture, tables, filing cabinets, photo copiers, computers, fax machines, clothes driers, washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerator units, freezers, heaters, ducting, guttering, down pipes, pots & pans, utensils and the alike.

We can supply this professional and timely service so that all these materials are recycled in a responsible manner thus protecting our natural resources. Southern Cross Metal Recyclers is committed to protecting our environment through responsible recycling practices.

120 Maddox Rd. Williamstown, VIC 3016
Tel: (03) 9397-4358

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