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Scrap Metal Security Surveillance System

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Scrap Metal Security Surveillance System

Because of the ever increasing incident's of scrap metal theft and police intervention, we have installed over 12 motion activated camera's recording onto a digital video recorder with full remote access capabilities using the internet. Our scrap metal purchase methodology involves: Having specific camera's over the scales and weighing platforms, this enables us to record each scrap metal commodity purchased. Other camera's are focussed on the vendor completing the documentation and receiving payments for every transaction. Purchase documentation references the time and date of the purchase for a full cross reference and identification if required. This helps to curb the incidence of scrap metal theft and to identify any items or individual's of concern to the authorities.

We also employ this system outside our premise's to help identify thieves removing scrap metal or other individuals dropping off prohibited items such as: gas bottles, rubbish and other non metallic items.

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