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Transfer Stations, Tips & Dump Sites Recycling

Southern Cross Metal Recycler has an gained a wide range of experience working with local councils, transfer stations, rubbish and waste removal companies, tips, dump sites and the alike. We have helped with the appropriate education and implementation of programs to ensure responsible resources recovery within this sector. This has involved the placement of a variety of bins and a transport infrastructure capable of meeting the demands of this industry sector. Our aim is to provide cost effective solutions to conventional landfill strategies.

This would involve supplying the necessary bins and equipment to recycle the following items:

- Ferrous Metals: White goods, roofing iron, car parts, hot water services etc and all other domestic or commercial metallic items that end up as land fill.

- Non Ferrous Metals: Copper, brass, stainless steel, copper wire, lead, batteries, zink, aluminium etc

In the instance of non metallic items, we have a range of other companies to help meet the requirements within this area also.

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