Why your fridge is a potential environmental time bomb

Fridges are one of the most useful electrical appliances we have around our home. Few people could live without them but did you know your fridge is potentially a mini environmental time bomb?

Prior to 1994 fridges contained a gas, known as CFC, to cool the inside and keep vegetables crisp
and meats frozen. CFCs are harmful to the Earth’s ozone layer and are referred to as an Ozone
Depleting Substance (ODS). Whilst under normal conditions there is little risk that the potential
CFCs in your fridge are doing any harm, damaged or punctured fridges can allow these gases to be
released into the environment and the process of Ozone destruction begins. The team at ‘The Ozone
Hole’ have some great information on how CFCs contribute to this environmental issue;

At Scrap Metal Yard we feel that we all have a responsibility to ensure that the gases in old fridges
do as little damage to the environment as possible. That is why we take so much care when recycling
the fridges we receive at Williamstown recycling centre. For each fridge we carefully collect the
refrigerant gases and oil under vacuum and ensure all the ODS is extracted. These gases are then
liquefied and sent off for specialist destruction by using high temperature incineration.

To make sure your old fridge does not end up doing any harm to the environment, call us and let us
conveniently remove your fridge and responsibly dispose of any gases contained within.

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