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Computer Recycling

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Computer Recycling Centre and Photocopier Recycling Service

Our recycling company offers an extensive computer recycling service and used photocopier recycling service. These include:

PC Recycling
Computer equipment
With the exception of monitors

The benefit of recycling these out of date and surplus units ensure that landfill sites are not contaminated with waste products and or materials that may be otherwise used for recycling.

Computer scrap has many components useful for recycling. These include scrap silver, scrap gold, electronic scrap scrap transformer etc.

We supply a wide range of recycling bins, trucks and transport for the purpose of servicing this industry. Our customers have assurance that the products removed will be destroyed and recycled and will not be offered for sale as a second hand item.

120 Maddox Rd. Williamstown, VIC 3016
Tel: (03) 9397-4358

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