Security Cage

Scrap metal is a valuable resource and if you’re regularly recycling it’s important to keep it safe. We’ve developed a range of security cages that we supply free of charge to secure scrap metal left outside your site or factory.

Just organise a regular pick-up time or give us a call when the cage is full!

Our security cage is a self-supporting temporary structure that requires no permanent fixing and we have developed a range of cages available to best suit your requirements. Instillation for a clear area takes between 10–15 minutes.

  • Protect OH&S liability
  • Safeguard against public liability
  • Minimise visual impact
  • Non-permanent structure
  • Avoid vandalisation

We offer our scrap metal security cage service through Greater Melbourne and provide assurance that these items are destroyed and recycled, and not offered for sale as a second-hand item.

Secure your scrap metal

Melbourne Scrap Metal Pick Up Services

Get rid of your scrap metal easily and ethically with our reliable pick-up service. Whether it’s a one-off fridge pick-up or you’re clearing out a factory, our team will turn up with the right equipment at a time that suits you.

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