How much money will I get for my scrap metal?2019-02-18T19:45:56+10:00

The amount you receive for your scrap metal depends on the type of scrap metal you are recycling and the weight of the scrap metal. You can use our easy Scrap Metal Pricing Calculator to work out how much money you’ll get for your scrap metal.

How quickly will I get paid for my scrap metal?2019-02-18T19:47:20+10:00

After we pick up your scrap metal for recycling, it usually takes X days for you to receive the funds in your bank account. Please note that we don’t offer cash for scrap metal. If you drop off your scrap metal to the Southern Cross Metal Recyclers facility in Laverton North, we can transfer EFT funds that same day.

Do you lift and transport the scrap metal?2019-02-18T19:48:26+10:00

Yes, we take care of the whole scrap metal removal process for you don’t have to break your back. Our transport logistics department can provide a huge range of transport vehicles such as semi-trailers, flat tops, drop decks, high-sided semi-tippers, semi-trailers with pipe racking, tray trucks, high-sided tray tippers, tilt trays, crane trucks etc. to transport your scrap metal. We also do the heavy lifting using cranes and other equipment.

What scrap metal materials can I recycle?2019-02-18T19:59:15+10:00

We recycle many different kinds of scrap metal, including white goods, old cars, factory scrap and so much more. You can search the type of scrap metal you’d like to recycle and calculate how much money you may get for it through scrap metal recycling.

What scrap metal can I drop off?2019-03-02T02:53:47+10:00

You can drop off almost any kind of scrap metal for recycling at our secure 24-hour drop-off facility in Laverton North. See the full list of eligible scrap metal recycling materials.

Do you pick up scrap metal from apartment buildings?2019-02-18T20:01:26+10:00

Due to the size of our vehicles, we don’t pick up scrap metal from apartment buildings. If there is a decent sized loading bay, sometimes we can, but please get in touch with our team to discuss your needs.

Do you service the CBD area?2019-02-18T20:02:05+10:00

Due to the narrow streets and limited parking around the Melbourne CBD, we don’t generally service this area. Customers are encouraged to use our secure 24-hour drop-off facility in Laverton North.

Do you supply bins?2019-02-18T20:03:57+10:00

We supply a huge range of bins: dyna bins, hook bins, moral bins and industry standard bins. Plus we can custom-make a bin to suit your specific scrap metal requirements.

Do you supply labour?2019-02-18T20:04:31+10:00

Yes, we offer a labour team with all the machinery and muscle needed to take care of your scrap metal requirements, so it’s quick and easy for you.

Do you clear out factories?2019-02-18T20:05:08+10:00

We provide a full service to support with factory shutdown and site clearing.

Do you provide a rebate on industrial scrap metal?2019-02-18T20:05:41+10:00

Yes, we work closely with the Australian Government to provide rebates for commercial scrap metal recycling.

Do you quote on commercial?2019-02-18T20:06:16+10:00

Yes, we offer an obligation-free quote for our commercial scrap metal recycling service. Just give our friendly team a call to discuss your needs. You can also use our Scrap Metal Price Calculator to estimate how much your scrap metal is worth.

Do you recycle redundant scrap metal?2019-02-18T20:07:08+10:00

Yes, we specialise in the safe removal and recycling of redundant scrap metal to make it cost effective and convenient for you. Find out more about what scrap metal materials we recycle.

Melbourne Scrap Metal Pick Up Services

Get rid of your scrap metal easily and ethically with our reliable pick-up service. Whether it’s a one-off fridge pick-up or you’re clearing out a factory, our team will turn up with the right equipment at a time that suits you.

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