Create Income From Scrap Metal, Handy Tips, General Information

Did you know that you may have a treasure trove of income generating possibilities around your home?
For instance:

  • Renovating or upgrading kitchens or bathrooms? Note that all the pipes removed from the old installations will be made of copper and the taps will be made of brass. Copper is a highly valuable non ferrous metal
  • The taps are made of brass, an alloy of copper and zinc and is again a valuable commodity
  • Old toilet systens are also made of brass and all these items will be able to be sold to an authorized scrap metal dealer….
    what about the old kitchen and laundry sinks, yes even the kitchen sinks can be sold owing to the fact that they are made of stainless steel, pack them in the trunk of your car and set off to your local scrap metal depot….
  • Old hot water services have a copper tank inside them that once removed will weigh between 15 to 30 kilograms and is well worth removing to sell to your local dealer
  • Old car batteries are worth packing up and can also be sold to your local dealer (be sure to handle these with care as they are full of acid)
  • Has your house been re wired? If so the plastic covered wire can be rolled up or placed in a bag and this commodity has a specific value at your local dealer
  • Have you had your steel or tiled roof refurbished or replaced? If so be sure to gather up all the lead flashing material. Lead is a non ferrous metal with a high specific gravity and is very heavy. Recent times has seen lead prices increase many times making it a great item to sell and recycle.

How about this for a unique and valuable environmentally conscious activity, recycling your old out dated refrigerator or freezer. These items can earn real money if you bring them to our recycling facility to be responsibly recycled. Check out our fridge buy back program to appreciate our commitment to responsible recycling practices.

Look around your garage to determine the likelihood of turning old discarded items into ready cash. A handy hint and a good guide to value of metals, is, get hold of a magnet. Check the items your thinking of taking to your local scrap metal dealer and see if the magnet sticks to them, if the magnet does not stick to the metal the more valuable the metal will be, if it sticks, it will be steel and this type of material will require large quantities to worth taking.

If we were to clean up all our garages and properties to responsibly recycle these items, we will not only create an income, but we will help to minimize the amount of mining as we will be recycling our precious natural resources.

Secure Metal Drop-off Opportunity

We have also taken the initiative to develop a range of security cage options to procure and secure all these types of materials that are left outside your premises. This will ensure that these items will provide an ongoing source of income for your company. We supply these material security cages free of charge fostering a close relationship and synergy with your company. Payment for these materials will be at an agreed rate per tonne plus GST. Payments will be sent out weekly either by cheque or electronic funds transfer (EFT) together with all associated documentation for reconciliation purposes.

Our material security cage is a self supporting temporary structure that requires no permanent fixing. Instillation for a clear area takes between 10 – 15 minutes. We have developed a range of cages available to best suit your requirements.

Option 1: 2400mm long by 2400mm wide and 1800mm high
Option 2: 4800mm long by 2400mm wide and 1800mm high

This material assets security cage system will also provide a safe guard to your business in all area’s of occupational health and safety issues pertaining to public liability and other potential problems. This system will minimize the visual impact of these items and will provide a non permanent security solution to the potential of vandals and others gaining access to this vital source of income to your company. We encourage our valued clients to ensure that the facility is kept locked at all times and that they call us when the cage is full. Our service includes weekly, fortnightly or at call visits depending on the frequency required by our valued clients. We offer this service anywhere in an 80 km radius of Melbourne metropolitan area and we provide assurance that these items are destroyed and recycled and not offered for sale as a second hand item.