Metal Recycling – About Us

We specialise in responsible metal recycling of all types of scrap metal across the greater Melbourne metropolitan area. We offer a pickup service of anything metal or predominantly metal. If you have domestic, white goods, appliance, factory or any other commercial metal you need recycled – contact us today.

Click here for a full list of metals we buy, pick-up and accept drop-off for scrap metal recycling or take a few minutes and find out more about what we do by watching the video below.

Southern Cross Metal Recycler’s was formally known as “South Yarra Metal Merchants”. South Yarra Metal Merchants has been a scrap metal merchant and has operated a scrap metal recycling and scrap metal processing facility since 1957. Within that time this company has gained a vast amount of experience within this service industry and is well respected as an ethical and transparent operator. Our experienced scrap metal recycling management team has carried this company into the new millennium and successfully survived the Global Financial Crisis. Our dedication to providing an ethical and honest business model has involved specific ATO scrap metal compliance with respect to the GST. These laws and legislative requirements imposed upon the scrap metal recycling industry helped to remove and prosecute illegal and unethical scrap metal dealers. Southern Cross Metal Recycler’s has been pro active in industry compliance and has forged new operational changes specific to the ATO scrap metal compliance requirements. Make sure that the company that you entrust your resources with for the purposes of scrap metal recycling conforms to all aspects and requirements of this industry.

Southern Cross Metal Recycler’s is a waste management and scrap steel recycling specialist. With our focus on green house gas emission and global warming, it is our primary purpose to implement Worlds best practices to protect our environment. Please be sure to read our environmental policy to fully appreciate our commitment to responsible scrap metal recycling.

Our scrap metal recycling company and recycling center is purpose built with our scrap metal yard offering state of the art digital weighing systems, scrap metal recycling equipment, and materials handling equipment utilizing a fully concreted hard standing for a cost effective, clean and efficient operation.

Our commitment to the scrap steel and recycling industry gives us the ability to offer a professional scrap metal removal together with a free pick up service anywhere in the greater Melbourne metropolitan area (some conditions may apply). Our service includes supplying a full range of scrap metal bins and scrap metal transport options designed to specifically meet the customers requirements, in some instances this will involve custom made bins.

Industry Affiliations and Regulations

Southern Cross Metal Recyclers is a member of the Australian Metal Recycling Industry Association (AMRIA).
Southern Cross Metal Recyclers has been accredited by the Essential Services Commission of Victoria to carry out decommissioning, degassing and destruction of applicable items.

Southern Cross Metal Recyclers and our Licensed Degassing partners adhere to the strict laws pertaining to refrigerant gases and their handling and recycling guidelines set out by the Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd (ARC) in accordance with the EPA and Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act 1989 and subsequent amendments.