Scrap Lead Prices

Lead is one of the most recycled materials today with over half of the scrap lead used in domestic and commercial situations ultimately making it’s way into the recycling process. One of the best things about recycling lead is that not only is a huge amount of energy and CO2 resources saved in comparison to mining raw materials but recycled lead is virtually identical to recently mined product.

At Southern Cross Metal Recyclers you can not only get great prices for your scrap lead but if you have a large quantity that you need to get recycled we can arrange for convenient and easy pick-up from your location.

If you deliver to us we will EFT funds on the day. At Southern Cross Metal Recyclers we make scrap recycling as simple as possible.

Please note: the Pricing Calculator is provided as a guide only. Due to market fluctuations please contact us so we can give you an accurate price, depending on the type and quantity of your commodity.


Metal Type Price Range Weight
Calculated Price
  Low High   From To
Insulated Copper Wire - Medium Grade 1.50 1.70
Insulated Copper Wire - Low Grade 0.80 0.90
Brass - Clean 3.50 4.10
Aluminium 0.20 1.50
Brass - Contaminated 1.20 3.00
Stainless Steel 0.90 1.40
Lead - Clean 1.20 1.40
Steel – 1 Tonne Minimum 0.08 0.20
Radiator - Copper Rad Clean 3.00 3.60
Radiator - Contaminated 1.50 2.50
Copper - Mixed 4.50 6.20
Insulated Copper Wire - High Grade 2.00 3.50
Total Estimated Price 0 0